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You are the HCA at Mercy Hospital and responsible for 10 employees

Please read the scenario below and complete the performance appraisal for the employee along with an explanation of your appraisal comments. The employee self-evaluation will aid you in completing the evaluation.

You are the HCA at Mercy Hospital and responsible for 10 employees. This week you will be conducting an employee performance appraisal for Ms. Jane Doe. Jane has been an employee for the last 11 months. This will be her first appraisal and your first appraisal as a manager.

Overall, you have concerns about her performance. She has created issues in your department in the last few months; there have been many complaints regarding the medical records department ability to effectively deliver correct charts throughout the facility within a timely manner.

Jane has done a good job when it comes to entering the medical records information accurately into the system, and although she works in a fast -paced department, she needs to work more quickly to assemble new patient charts.

Click the link to download Jane’s self evaluationView in a new window. Her completed self-evaluation will help you to complete an appraisal for her. Click to download and the MCH Employee Appraisal FormView in a new window. Complete this form. One of the most important fields on this form is the manager’s comments section.

Once you have completed this form, in a separate word document, write a brief explanation of what you will say to Jane during her appraisal interview. Address the following questions in your explanation:

  • How has Jane’s weaknesses affected the organization?
  • How have Jane’s strengths affected the organization?
  • Who is making the complaints?
  • How often are complaints made about Jane?
  • How long has Jane worked in this organization?

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