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Write an essay on the treatment of back pain

The treatment of back pain
Can acupuncture give positive results in the treatment of back painPlease follow by letter the instructions. The layout and format should be as bellow.
Abstract: 300 words maximum

The abstract should include only: Aims and questions focus. Key points of the review

The abstract should clearly present the aims and the purpose of the review, the key points and questions you review only.
Include the conclusion, results and methodology. Briefly but clearly.

Introduction: 1700 words maximum

The introduction should include background and context of the topic of interest.
Background of knowledge on conventional medicine and Chinese medicine of the topic only ( pathology and reasons that cause back pain).
Current development: how many people are effected from back pain
Is it a hot topic?
Current research and development.
Any points that are no clear with research and conclusions.
The aim of the work should provided logically, based on the previews information at the end of the introduction.

Method: 700 words maximum
In the method we should include the methodology we use in the paper and no the literature’s review methodology. Numbers of papers we include and exclude. Criteria for including and excluding papers.

Critical review: 3500 words maximum

Research riding database and arguments. Critically review and discuss the research findings and database and compare the papers and the methodology they use and criticise it. Comment all the findings of the paper. Put paper critic together and no separated. Mention all the issues ( number of people etc.. ).
Clear presentation, use subtitles.

Conclusion: 300 words max
The conclusion should based on all findings with out new ideas. No discussions. Just clearly mention all conclusions.

Reference: Reference should include in the text follow Harvard guideline.

The literature review should include 10 papers and should only be ICT. Recognise International clinical trials only. Only 10 to 15 years old maximum.

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