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write a lab report


Principles of DNA Sequencing:

Exercise 2. The purpose of this exercise is to provide detailed instruction on the practice of DNA

sequencing. You will be provided an actual autoradiograph (an exposed sheet of x-ray film) of a

DNA sequencing gel for analysis. The sequence deduced from the autoradiogram will differ

from a wild type sequence by a single nucleotide(s). Refer to the handout provided on

Blackboard. This difference represents an actual mutation in the DNA molecule. You are

expected to identify the location(s) of the mutated nucleotide(s). You can also work in groups to

read the sequence and compare results to assure accuracy. Make sure you read the handout

because you will see this information again on your midterm. (25 points)

Part 1 does not require a formal lab report. Just give your answers and the results of the cross. For part 2, a type

written lab report is needed. Use the handout to help you put together your report. You MUST have a cover page.

Total = 50 points

Document for Exercise 2.

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