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WPI What Is Systems Engineering? Presentation Help

For this assignment, each team must develop a presentation (to include a video and PowerPoint file) designed for middle school students (6th through 8th grade, 11 to 13 years old). The main objective of the presentation is to explain systems engineering in a manner that is both understandable and engaging. Explain the main concepts, practices, skills, tasks, importance, etc. associated with systems engineering. Examples would likely be helpful. The video must be between 25-30 minutes in length, so be sure to only include the most relevant information.

Make sure to add a title page with the team members, assignment title, date, and include your list of references on the final slide. Each team member must present a portion of the presentation. In the Notes section of each slide, please list who presented the slide. The team lead for this assignment should post the final PowerPoint file and video to the Assignment area by the due date.

NOTE: You may use any method to record your presentation video. One method that you may want to consider is creating an .mp4 file using PowerPoint. Each team member can record his/her slide(s) in the PowerPoint file. The file can then be exported as a video. This may be a good methodology for team members who must work together virtually (a good skill to have in your careers).

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