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World of Yoga Assignment

Let’s explore the world of yoga!
We could see how yoga helps to reduce stress. Please visit The American Yoga Association website and create a PowerPoint or presentation with no more that 6 sildes explaining:
* What Yoga is (1 or 2 slides, with concise bullet points and images)
* What are four benefits of yoga.
* Your reflection about yoga (1 slide, with a paragraph of at least five sentences describing what you think about yoga as a way to reduce stress)
Don’t copy and paste information. Instead, for informative slides, summarize in your own words and keep pages simple. Add pictures along with your written material. Your reflection can be positive, negative, or neutral–anything from, “I do yoga every day, and it helps me!” to “I’ve never tried yoga, and it just isn’t for me” is absolutely okay. Focus on why you feel the way you do about yoga as a way to reduce stress.
Submit your PowerPoint in .ppt or .pptx format, or submit a link to your presentation if you create it through a web service like Prezi or Google Slides.

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