Woolfson Eye Institute Residency in Refractive and Ocular Surgery/Ocular Disease WK3 Singing Class | Cheap Nursing Papers

Woolfson Eye Institute Residency in Refractive and Ocular Surgery/Ocular Disease WK3 Singing Class

As you probably know, the laws relating to trade secrets include a requirement that the trade secret be protected from the time it is initially developed until it is no longer to be considered a trade secret. It doesn’t matter what form the information is in. It could be hard copy – perhaps a letter or specification that can be handed to someone. It could be stored in a computer’s memory. It all has to be protected.

In this week’s paper, I’d like you to think about the challenge that trade secrets pose in the development and operation of an ISMS. Should they be a separate category of information? How can we be sure that our ISMS protects trade secrets in every form? How do we need to deal with employees, contractors, vendors, business partners/associates with whom we must share trade secrets?


  1. Put your thoughts on how trade secret protection fits into the concept of an ISMS. Your paper should spend no more than 100 words on background (what an ISMS is) and focus on the ISMS and trade secrets issues.
  2. Your paper should have a main text (not counting title pages and references list) of 800-1000 words. Going beyond 1,000 words is not recommended and probably means that you need to re-think your scope and tighten your presentation. Going below 800 probably means that you need more exposition or detail.
  3. Please submit as either a Microsoft Word or .pdf file. Please submit in 11-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced. 1-inch margins on top, bottom, left and right. Running heads are the class name (left), page number (center) and your first initial and last name (right).
  4. Grammar and spelling count. PLEASE proofread carefully. I would suggest reading it aloud as the fastest way of identifying run-on sentences or wording that doesn’t make sense. If you can’t read it without getting confused, you can be pretty sure that I can’t read it without also getting confused!
  5. It is expected that you will cite references in your submissions including this one. Footnotes or endnotes are equally acceptable. APA format is required. It is also expected that you will not limit your references to the textbook and readings in your assignment, but that you will do research to find additional sources that support your arguments in your paper.

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