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Why are there no solutions to the problems?

Why are there no solutions to the problems? Trying to get help solving the following quesiton…9.One mole of water at the initial conditions of 0.0◦C and 1atm of pressure is turned to steam (final conditions 100C and 1atm of pressure) by the following two paths. Do you expect ∆S for each path will be the same or different and why? Calculate ∆S for each step along each path assuming the heat capacity for water and steam is constant, 75.48J/K mol and 35.54 J/K mol respectively. Calculate the total ∆S for each path.a.Path a i.the water is heated at constant P =1 atm to 100◦Cii.allowed to boil to steam (∆vapH◦=40.67 kJ/mol at this temperature)b.Path bi.The pressure is lowered to 0.006 atm (to calculate ∆S for this step this you need the value for α which is 0.000214/K for water)ii.the water evaporates to steam at 0.0◦C (∆vapH◦=44.92 kJ/mol at this temperature)iii.The steam is heated to 100◦C at a constant pressure of 0.006atmiv.The steam is compressed to 1atm at constant temperature of 100◦C

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