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Who controls nursing?

Question 1
Below are the hyperlinks to the websites where our information
(quality/HCAHPS) can be accessed by the public:
The Joint Commission Quality Check:
US News:
US Department of HHS (Hospital Compare):
National Patient Safety Goals
These topics are hot topics for healthcare and CMS will be deducting reimbursements on quality scores starting 2013. They are monitoring these scores now to see what percentage they will be deducting. We are finding in the hospitals across the country that nurses do not have any clue or understanding about these and they have been around for years.

2012 Care Measures (AMI, CHF, PNU, and SCIP).
2012 Patient Safety Goals
Fall Preventions
HCAHPS-(Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans) Patient satisfaction scores
Go to these links and compare your facility to another hospital in your area. As a change agent pick one of the topics and discuss how you can implement change in your department to bring your quality scores up. Post your hospital scores in your presentation.

Post. Reply to at least one peer’s post with reflective and respectful questions or argumument.
2. Who controls nursing? (Consider nursing practice on all levels in your discussion.).

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