Which theory is based on biology, stating that an organization is similar to a living organism? | Cheap Nursing Papers

Which theory is based on biology, stating that an organization is similar to a living organism?

BCJ 3453, Court SecuritySupervisionQuestion 1When Captain Jones of Operations gives conflicting orders to Patrolman Smith of Administration, Captain Jones is violating which principle?Span of controlChain of commandUnity of commandSpecializationQuestion 2Community policing can be defined as:militaristic with clear cut rules and disciplinary systems.allowing the community to police itself.decentralized in structure and emphasizing officer initiative.an abandonment of all traditional laws and procedures.Question 3Court Security Officer Hall is a twenty year veteran and has heard the new Chief is considering making some changes in how shifts are assigned to the personnel working in the county court house. His immediate supervisor notices Officer Hall seems a bit disgruntled about the changes. His supervisor should take on the role of __________ to help Officer Hall adjust to the new way of doing shift assignments.agitatorgossiperdirectorchange agentQuestion 4Which theory is based on biology, stating that an organization is similar to a living organism?ClassicalSystemsExistentialHuman relationsQuestion 5Chain of command is used by organizations for supervisors to:informs an officer how many people to whom he or she must directly report.coordinate orders, communication, and information from top to bottom and visa versa.coordinate the number of persons a superior officer can supervise.ensure that the organization maintains its overall goals.Question 6Undoubtedly, the first organizations were:English police agencies.early automobile companies.primitive hunting parties.bands of robber barons.Question 7Even though higher ranking managers and first-line supervisors have POSDCORB responsibilities the main difference between the two positions is:higher ranking managers are not responsible for operations personnel.higher ranking managers have executive as well as supervisory responsibilities.first-line supervisors are not accountable, but higher ranking managers are accountable.higher ranking mangers do less work than first-line supervisors.Question 8Informal organizations:exist side by side with the formal organization.cannot exist under the formal structure of a law enforcement agency.have no place in a court security organization.never help the formal organization achieve its goals.Question 9Weber viewed a bureaucracy from a purely technical point of view, meaning he viewed it as:capable of attaining the highest degree of efficiency and the most rational known means of carrying out control over human beings.extremely slow and complicated with detailed encumbrances interfering with daily activities.a highly esteemed organization that protected individual freedoms and provided the most indirect means of communication.a type of administration that focused on adherence to rules and regulations regardless of the level of rank.Question 10Which of the following employee behaviors is NOT an assumption of a Theory X style management?Enjoying workBeing self-centeredBeing lazyAvoiding responsibility

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