Which statement is NOT true about bathing with ADRD? | Cheap Nursing Papers

Which statement is NOT true about bathing with ADRD?

Which statement is NOT true about bathing with ADRD?

Provide a well lighted bathroom environment

Test the water temperature yourself

Electric appliances should be available and plugged in for easy access

Prepare the bath ahead of time

12. The reasons for malnutrition can be remembered with the acronym:





13. Walsh suggests that, when a caregiver sees a problem behavior, the caregiver should:

Watch and monitor the behavior to better understand it

React immediately

Set up a behavior plan

Teach the resident that the behavior is not appropriate

14. To avoid some behavior problems the caregiver can attempt to include the resident in everyday activities such as sweeping or folding wash cloths, taking into consideration to:

Give the resident a written list of chores

Give the resident a verbal list of chores

Break down the task into simple steps

Rush the resident if he is taking too long

15. One way to reduce the use of restraints is:

Not stocking restraints in the facility

Ignoring verbally aggressive behavior

Change staffing assignments regularly to avoid staff triggering residents

Staff education

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