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What was the foreign gene introduced into the plant?

Go to: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/fcn/fcnNavigation.cfm?rpt=bioListing

The web link brought you into the website of which federal government regulatory agency?
Examine the table on the webpage. Click on any one BNF No. above 100 where the last digit is the same as the last digit of your student number (or closest to if there is not one). This will bring you to a page titled “Biotechnology Consultations on Food from GE Plant Varieties” Study the page. On the lower part of the page, click on “FDA letter date”. Study the letter. You will find some detailed information about your genetically engineered (GE) crop that you will use to answer most of the questions below.
What BNF No. did you pick? What plant was genetically engineered (GE)?
What was the foreign gene introduced into the plant? What was the source of the foreign gene? It is possible that there was no foreign gene introduced and the normal plant gene was inactivated instead.
What is the enzymatic or biologic function of the protein encoded by the gene/s?
What is the intended use, intended effect, and/or economic objective of the genetic modification? Or what beneficial trait is provided by engineering the gene in your crop?
What could be an environmental or human health concern with the engineered protein/plant?
Discuss other interesting information about the genetic modification by doing literature search of the engineered gene/protein in Pubmed. Read, summarize, and cite at least 2 journal references. Provide enough information to fill up 1 page and not much less.
Write in essay/paragraph format. Don’t write the questions separately. Instead incorporate the questions in your sentences.

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