what ‘professionalism’ means to you as a student embarking on a nursing career. | Cheap Nursing Papers

what ‘professionalism’ means to you as a student embarking on a nursing career.

Assignment 1: Personal Reflection
For this assignment, we would like you to think about what ‘professionalism’ means to you as a student embarking on a nursing career. Drawing on the readings and lectures from module 1, and with reference to the wider scholarly literature, write a short paper that explores some of the characteristics that you believe a professional nurse should exhibit and the professional behaviour that is appropriate to the role. You should use a minimum of four (4) scholarly sources to support your discussion

The purpose of this task is for you to think about and articulate your response to this question, and develop a piece of written work. It will also provide you with the opportunity to access and interpret scholarly literature

The paper is due by 3pm on Friday, 23rd March. We recommend that you first submit your paper into the Academic Honesty unit, to receive a Turnitin report to check for originality.

Marking Criteria
1. Demonstrates a beginning understanding of the concept of professionalism and the characteristics that a professional displays.

2. Structure and written expression is clear and logical.

3. Referenced correctly using Harvard style both in-text and in the reference list.

4. Uses a minimum of (5) scholarly sources to support work.

A rubric setting out details of the standards to which each grade level is evaluated can be downloaded here: Assignment 1 rubric

Additional Information
As a personal reflection, this assignment should be written in the first person (ie using ‘me’ or ‘I’) when discussing your own beliefs and understandings. However, you still need to adhere to the rules of formal academic writing: no slang or colloq

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