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what is so special about Pseudomonas

Write a one to two page summary of the following learning objectives:

  1. the most common foodborne illness bacteria in beef / poultry
  2. the concept of a microbial reservoir
  3. the pre-harvest factors that may be addressed at the farm or ranch level including: animal factors, manure handling, drinking water, and feed handling
  4. the post-harvest factors in meat/poultry microbiology including: intestinal tract, hides, skin, workers, tools, equipment, and the processing environment
  5. the less common meat and poultry pathogens
  6. the common features of meat and poultry biota
  7. what is so special about Pseudomonas
  8. methods to assess microbial spoilage
  9. inhibition of meat and poultry spoilage
  10. the role the consumer plays in the food safety of raw foods

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