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What is a Capstone Project?

What is a Capstone Project?
The Capstone experience involves identifying an information problem or area of interest in a real-world setting and developing the means to address it. Capstone projects can be research-oriented or design-oriented.
Goals for the Capstone experience include:
Define the information problem or opportunity
Determine what techniques to use to master this information problem or opportunity
Synthesize all aspects of the information problem; integrate people, technology and information
Choose a topic or focus you are interested in
Pick a Capstone Project Topic!
Identify a topic that is researchable
Your topic should be:

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one that encompasses management in a healthcare facility;
extensive enough to find literature;
In an area of interest to you;
A PowerPoint Presentation will be required, along with your paper
Choosing a Topic
• Choose a topic that interests you and will sustain your interest
• Keep the topic manageable–narrow and focused enough to be interesting, but broad enough to find enough information for the assignment
• Look for a point you can argue for or against, an idea you can compare or contrast, a cause and effect relationship you can explain, a main point that can be divided into sub-points, or a question you can answer.
Choosing a Topic
• Think like a journalist to probe your topic more closely with the following questions: who?, what?, when?, where?, how?, and why?
• Be flexible–the topic might need to be modified (narrowed or broadened) depending on the information available
Think About It!
Healthcare is such a gigantic topic, it can be hard to decide what you want to write about.
Writing a research paper is a learning experience. We sometimes forget that. What do you want to learn?
What is the purpose of your research? Is it a problem or project?
Topic Examples
Pay for Performance in Medicine
Is this a successful reimbursement method?
Accountable Care Organizations
Is this a good medical delivery model?
National Healthcare Coverage
How do we pay for this?
Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
Can we predict care models?
Electronic Health Records
Does this increase better coordination or care?
Topic Examples
Working Title: Applying Lean Six Sigma methodology greatly improve revenue cycle management in the practice of medicine in the United States.
Working Title: CMS pay for performance incentives in hospitals increase quality health outcomes.
Working Title: Training will reduce the risk of medication errors in hospital based settings
Topic Examples
Notice that these working title examples are not posed as questions. They are posed as statements. These statements you will either prove or disprove based on your research of the topic.
Let’s Get Started!
Pick a topic
Write a Problem Statement or Hypotheses
Write a Capstone Proposal

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