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What enablers or barriers to communication did you experience?

Faculty Assignment 1: CHAPTER 21- Abdominal Assessment
In the clinical setting, students will analyze the 24 hour dietary history and complete an abdominal assessment for their assigned patient. You should include Subjective data, and your objective findings. All papers should be typed in APA format, double-spaced. Please use the following rubric to guide you. One line answers will not allow you to obtain the total points. Be thoughtful in your assessment, and provide a thorough abdominal assessment of your patient.
Category Points % Description
Subjective Assessment /15 30% Subjective data: reason for care; present illness; perception of health; past medical history of nutrition, subjective data of abdominal assessment, 24 hour diet recall; developmental considerations; cultural considerations
Physical Assessment /20 40% Objective data: One paragraph describing: your physical assessment of the abdomen and findings of the physical examination.

Reflection /10 20% Reflects on the interaction with the interviewee holistically. Considers the interaction in its entirety: includes the environment, the approach to the individual, time of day, and other features relevant to therapeutic communication and the interview process. The reflection should address each of the following questions.
• How did your interaction compare to what you’ve learned and expected?
• What enablers or barriers to communication did you experience? How did you overcome the barriers?
• Were there any unanticipated challenges to conducting the interview or performing the physical examination? What went well?
• Was there information you wished you had but did not?
• How will you alter your approach the next time?
Writing Style and Format /5 10% Writing shouldreflectyour synthesisof ideasbased onpriorknowledge,newlyacquired information,andappropriate writingskills. Scoringofyourworkinwritten communicationisbased onproperuseof grammar,spelling, andhowclearly youexpressyourthoughts andreasoningin writing. Proper use of APA sixth-edition style and format throughout this paper is required.

Total 50 100
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