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What does the birthday card focus on?

Please either post a photo of the outside and inside of the card, or describe it’s message, or post a link to it within our discussion thread.
What does the birthday card focus on? Is it wisdom, physical appearance, financial stability?
Do this then reply to these two responses,
This birthday card focuses on physical appearance. When I scan the birthday card aisle at stores, the 35-45 year old cards for men typically have something to do with “You’re over the hill” or “You’re getting old” in a humorous fashion. There is a common belief that once someone hits the age 40 that they’ve completed half of their life. I could see how this thought would spark of midlife crisis with feeling that they’ve not lived a fulfilling life thus far.
I dont know if the link will work, but this is a card that depicts an old man having trouble walking but when the music comes on, he can still “bust a move.” This card relates to the mans physical appearance in a numerous fashion. Even though he is getting old, he is still a great dancer which brings him back to his youth.

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