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What Does Nursing Leadership Mean To You?

What Does Nursing Leadership Mean To You?
Nursing leadership is a practice that entails much on critical thinking, advocacy and action which takes place within all roles and realms of nursing practice. In fact, nursing leadership does play a significant role on the urgent lives of nurses and has a crucial impact to the health system and the clients (Sellgren, Ekvall & Tomson, 2006). Hence, health system do require sturdy supply of energetic and visionary leaders in all the domains discipline who remain accountable, credible, visible, courageous and inspiring others. As well, the leaders must possess authority and resources that offer support to the modern, innovative and professional nurse practices (Brady Germain & Cummings, 2010).
Nursing leadership is defined to have relation on understanding of development of nurse leaders which starts at outset of the nurse education program and remain all through the nursing career. In this case, leadership entails much on how to

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