.What difficulties did Milwaukee Public Schools have with their food system | Cheap Nursing Papers

.What difficulties did Milwaukee Public Schools have with their food system

1.Why is it so hard to be a rural farmer these days. Name at least three difficulties. p.184.

2.Who sets the market price of food? Why is this new competitive market hard on the rural farmer? p.184.

3.What type of food system revolution is Allen proposing? pp.185-186

4.Quote an example of what Allen means by intensive growing. What effect do you think intensive growing would have on a community if more citizens did it? p.187

5.Paraphrase what happened in the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. p.188

How are humans impacted by a depletion of a land’s natural health? Provide a quote. How concerned are you about the nutritional value of your food? Explain. P.189.

7.What difficulties did Milwaukee Public Schools have with their food system. Name three challenges. Did your elementary school provide school lunches for the students or did the children bring their own lunches? Who do you think should provide the lunch? p.191.

Where were the Milwaukee restaurants going to purchase tilapia for their Friday Night Fish Fry? What did Allen propose instead? P.193.

Who is Rick Mueller? Summarize what he did to help Allen. pp.195-197.

What is a hoop house? How much does it cost to purchase one? pp.198-199.


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“Farm-to-School” programs p.191

“Verticle farming” p.192

Aquaponics p.195

“Grocery Wholesalers” p.197

Hoop house p.198-199

“Fast food nation” p.199

The Omnivore’s Dilemma p.199

“Growing Power” and Will Allen

“carbon monoxide poisoning” and generators pp.202-203

MacArthur Foundation pp.205-206

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