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What are the primary symptoms of this disorder?

Neurological disorders are highly studied in the field of neuropsychology. We will study some of these disorders throughout the term. Please select disorder and discuss the following in a well-organized PowerPoint presentation:

  • Identity your disorder.
  • What are the primary symptoms of this disorder?
  • What areas of the brain are impacted/damaged by this disorder? Include relevant/current brain scans you might find on the internet of your selected disorder.
  • What treatments exists for this disorder?
  • What role (if any) does neurogenesis/neuroplasticity play in a person recovering (or not) from this disorder?

Create an 8-12 PowerPoint slide presentation to explain your responses and illustrate your findings. Please support your points with information from the text and at least 2 additional peer-reviewed journal articles from the library. Be sure to include speaker notes. Take care to use APA formatting in citing your sources in both your speaker notes and a references slide.

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