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What are the dynamics of this family?


There are 4 members of the Smith family. They are as follows: Mom; college professor of Mathematics, 45 years old, described by her co-workers as introverted, driven and serious, considered Head of the Household and breadwinner of the family. Dad: works in the oil field, home every two weeks for two weeks and then gone again for the following two weeks, high school drop-out, 40 years old, considerably overweight therefore is contemplating retirement and starting a new business with less wear and tear on his body. Greg: 21 years old, last year of college/fraternity life, athlete who struggled with grades his entire life and not motivated to get a job yet – will most likely move back in with his parents after he graduates. He also suffers from insomnia and takes drugs to ‘self medicate’. Emma: 16 year old in the band in high school, slightly overweight, Honor roll student her entire life and wants to attend Harvard like her mother did (she even started talking and walking earlier than ‘normal’ – such an overachiever!).
What are the dynamics of this family? There should be something from each chapter we have discussed so far to help you analyze and write about this family – choose at least 5 concepts from 5 different chapters to discuss. Bold, underline or highlight the concepts you are using.

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