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Week 7 Assignment: Special Populations

Week 7 Assignment: Special Populations

Maria is a 21-year-old female who is referred to you for medication management of bipolar disorder. Her history is significant for extremes of emotion, acting-out behavior, and difficulty sustaining relationships. She says she has driven away two boyfriends by being “clingy.” She freely admits that she is always “high drama” and is always fighting with her parents, especially her father. She admits to cutting behaviors in the past but hasn’t done that in a few years. Upon completion of your initial assessment, you determine that she does not have bipolar disorder, but that her symptoms are consistent with borderline personality disorder. Further, you learn that she has a remote history of sexual abuse as a preadolescent by a male relative. At the conclusion of the assessment Maria wants to know what medications you will prescribe. Maria tells you that she has tried different medications in the past, but the only thing that helps is Klonopin. She has been taking 1 mg b.i.d. for almost two years. She is initially resistant to the idea of going to a therapist; she wants to take medication.

Assignment Instructions

In 500 words or less explain to Maria why she needs a therapist rather than medication and explain the type of therapy you think she will benefit from. Outline the key elements of a therapeutic plan, and what she can expect from it.



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