Week 5 discussion | Cheap Nursing Papers

Week 5 discussion

Topic 1. Tumor protein p53. This is a library-research topic in which you are required to state your source, in the form of a web-link or other format. In your own words, please address issues (a) and (b).

  • (a) Describe the role of p53 in normal cell division.
  • (b) Explain why mutations of the p53 gene are often associated with cancer.
  • Reminder: You may use quotations from your source, as long as the quote is brief. Ensure that most of the post is in your own words.

Extra Credit Opportunity (up to 5 points)

  • (i) you are the first person in this section to use a particular source
  • (ii) that source is clearly relevant to this discussion topic about p53

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