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University of Nairobi Alternative Sources of Energy Paper

Q. Fast growing populations and their aspirations for very good standard of living are increasing the world’s appetite for fossil fuels. Forecasts show need for higher electricity consumption, more comfortable living environments and greater demand for transport fuels. Similar growth in demand is projected for petrochemical-based products in the form of man-made fibers for clothing, ubiquitous plastic artifacts, cosmetics, etc. You are to explore the possibility of utilizing biomass to synthesize petrochemicals.

Elaborate on the advancements, current research and development that is alternative environmentally friendly for producing various petrochemicals.


The answer will be

  • paraphrase
  • 1500 words for each question
  • Harvard Referencing
  • Provide some figures/pictures with reference

Please refer any related books, researches which you can use for answer the questions.

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