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understanding mental health.

Using the structure detailed below, you will develop formulations and intervention strategies for ONE of these clients by applying clinical theories and research evidence. A formulation is a hypothesis about an individual’s difficulties or challenges that
links theory with clinical practice and guides intervention/therapy. Please read ALL of the
guidance very carefully before starting your assignment.
Pick TWO distinct frameworks/approaches to understanding mental health. Some of the
major frameworks for understanding mental health include Psychodynamic, Cognitive,
Behavioural, Constructionist and Humanistic approaches. If you want to pick frameworks
or approaches not listed here, then please get approval for your choices from David,
Fiona, Karen or Pnina. As this is a Psychology assignment you may NOT choose any purely
biomedical, neuropharmacological or neuropsychiatric approach.
You will apply TWO of these frameworks to the understanding of ONE of the clients
presented in this booklet, and write a case report in the following five sections:
1) Provide a formulation/conceptualisation of the client’s difficulties based on the
principles of EACH of the two frameworks that you have chosen (800 words).
2) Compare and contrast the ways in which the two frameworks you have chosen
explain the client’s mental health difficulties and challenges (300 words).
3) Provide recommendations for therapy and/or interventions that follow from EACH
of the two frameworks that you have chosen. Make sure that you include the
specific elements and stages of each intervention/therapy approach, together
with explanations of how they are intended to achieve their aims (900 words).
4) Give a brief overview of the clincal research evidence that supports the selection
of therapeutic strategies that you have proposed (500 words).
5) Reflect on how your own personal beliefs and experiences have shaped your
choices and responses in developing this coursework (300 words).
The assessment criteria for this coursework are set out on page 3 of this booklet. These
are the criteria that we will use to grade your submissions, so please refer to them when
you are developing your report.

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