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TOPIC 1.1 ASSIGNMENT: Implementation Committee

You have been assigned as the project manager of an EHR implementation at your facility. Your first order of business is to select members for the implementation committee. At your first meeting, you will also be required to describe the importance of an implementation committee and provide an overview of key health information system concepts as they relate to successful system planning and implementation.

  1. In a Word document, write out your notes for the presentation you will give at the first meeting. Discuss the importance and role of an implementation committee and the team’s responsibilities in planning, implementing, and evaluating health information systems. Also discuss:
    • Interrelationship between health care professionals and their contribution to the implementation of information systems
    • Paradigm of data-information-knowledge and wisdom
    • Types of systems used in healthcare

2. In a table, identify each implementation committee member and describe their role and importance. (Use this sample table, if you wish.)
Be sure to consider a multidisciplinary group, with representatives from both clinical and administrative teams.


Scoring Criteria:
1. Notes discuss the team’s role in planning, implementation, and evaluation of health information systems.
2. Notes discuss interrelationship between healthcare professionals and their their contribution to the implementation of health information systems.
3. Notes discuss the paradigm of data-information-knowledge-wisdom.
4. Notes discuss the types of systems used in health care.
5. Chart identifies committee members, their roles, and their importance to implementation committee.

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