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There are six people in this group.

There are six people in this group.

All six group members are less than thirty years of age and holds different degrees like software engineer, computer network manager, MIS expert, Programming language specialist, etc Together they incorporate a company called “i-Design”. All six of them are confident in their collective knowledge and skill regarding web design. They also believe they will be ideal directors and each of them plan to sit on the board as directors. When one of the member mentioned their plans for I-Design to his father, a professional company director, his father suggested that the group seek some professional advice on the formation and composition of i-Design’s board of directors. You have a thriving corporate governance consultancy business and the group of six comes to you for advice.

Just needed an advise about if they will indeed be an ideal board based upon the Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Councils Principles and Recommendations. what should they do?

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