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Theory Applicataion Theory Paper

Theory Applicataion Theory Paper

Theory Application Individual Paper (35%)

-Please use simple words
-APA style
-Please see attached instructions and grading rubric
-write in 3rd person
– a minimum of 6 references (primary sources) but can use more if needed

The theory application individual paper involves using theory to guide nursing actions in a clinical scenario. First, the paper involves determining the phenomena with its concepts. Secondly, the paper provides in-depth analysis of the theory and its concepts. Finally, the paper will allow the learner to apply the theoretical concepts to a nursing situation in a clinical environment. In addition, this paper supports your personal and professional development as a scholar in the nursing discipline.
The purpose of this assignment is to:

1. Identify and apply theoretical principles from a middle range nursing theory to the concepts of a phenomenon or situation in one’s clinical practice

2. Conduct a comprehensive library database search using appropriate controlled vocabulary and limiters and expanders to locate scholarly references related to the theory and phenomenon; and

3. Critically analyze and apply the theoretical principles to a nursing situation in a clinical environment.

4. Engage in writing to learn as a means to strengthen the written presentation of concepts and ideas essential to nursing scholarship.

Begin by identifying an area of specialty interest. From this interest recall an observation from your practice experience and write a short summary or scenario describing the nursing phenomenon or situation. Specify the concepts of the phenomena. SELECT ONE MIDDLE RANGE THEORY that pertains to or explains the phenomenon identified. Next, specify the concepts of the theory that pertain to the phenomena.

Search a selected bibliographic database in the library to locate references pertaining to the concepts of the phenomena and theory and retrieve the most appropriate articles to reference in the discussion of the nursing situation. The body of the paper demonstrates a refined understanding of the nursing situation in light of the information from the journal articles and the theory. Primary sources are to be accessed.

The assignment concludes with a discussion of the concept, phenomenon, theory, and how it applies to his or her practice. The paper content should be nearly 5-7 pages (excluding the title page, reference page, and appendix) and prepared in APA style (levels of headings, double spaced, in-text citation, and references).

Below I have provided the books we are using in class if needed (but please use primary database sources as mentioned above):

Cody, W. (2013). Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced practice nursing. Boston: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN 9780763765705

Peterson, S.J. & Bredow, T.S. (2017). Middle range theories application to nursing research. (4th ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer. ISBN 9781608318001

Smith, M. & Liehr, P. (2003). Middle range theory for nursing. New York: Springer Publishing Co.


Paper requires a thesis. the nursing situation is what needs to be in 3rd person. just as long as they follow the guidelines I also attached them to the paper

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