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The Respiratory System

  1. During the winter, Brad sleeps in a dorm room that lacks any humidifier for the heated air. In the mornings he notices that his nose is “stuffy” similar to when he has a cold, but after showering and drinking some water, the stuffiness disappears until the next morning. What might be the cause of Brad’s nasal condition?
  2. Distinguish the structures of the upper respiratory system from those of the lower respiratory system.
  3. Name the three regions of the pharynx. Where is each region located?
  4. List the cartilages of the larynx. What are the functions of each?
  5. What three integrated steps are involved in external respiration?
  6. What important physiological differences exist between fetal hemoglobin and maternal hemoglobin?
  7. By what three ways is carbon dioxide transported in the bloodstream?

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