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The assessment is based on the following scenario:

The assessment is based on the following scenario: AquaFarm Sustainable Limited is an intermediate sized aquaculture company that focuses on producing high quality finfish for the domestic market (primarily high end restaurants). Due to increasing sales, largely built on a reputation for supplying high quality market fresh fish, AquaFarm Sustainable Ltd is seeking to expand its farming operations and is also considering entering into other markets (i.e. hydroponic herb and green leaf production) and organic poultry production to supply leading Australian supermarkets. This expansion will be funded by a 3 million dollar regional infrastructure development grant provided by the Federal Government in early 2018. Please note that the allocation of funds for the project is a grant from the Federal Government and there will be no interest on expenditure. AquaFarm Sustainable Ltd has an industry wide reputation as a forward looking company; it maintains the highest possible standards with regard to product quality, water quality, community involvement and works hard to limit or mitigate any potential environmental impacts stemming from its activities. AquaFarm Sustainable Ltd is currently investigating the feasibility of integrated aquaculture in three regional Australian locations including Townsville, Queensland; Dubbo, New South Wales and Warrnambool, Victoria. AquaFarm Sustainable Ltd has appointed you as an experienced integrated aquaculturalist to match each region with the most feasible production animals and plants and prevailing local conditions. The company has asked you to undertake the following; 1) classify each site regarding its potential to support a farming operation 2) select the best site from the three potential sites 3) report on the existing market for the selected production animals and plants and identify sustainable holding densities 4) perform a basic economic analysis for the proposed farms Your report outlining the four criteria above should not exceed three to five pages with one page for an executive summary and approximately one page for each location (this page limit does not include references or an appendix). The report is required promptly on the due date so it can be presented at a shareholders meeting the following week. If this deadline is not met the report is considered commercially redundant and AquaFarm Sustainable Ltd will be forced to employ another consultant to undertake the analysis. 

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