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Technological Advancements & Modern Conveniences

Technological Advancements & Modern Conveniences

Technology is an integral part of today’s home and/or work life. From the computers used, the vacuum cleaner that keeps floors clean, to the filters used to purify the air you breathe; you rely on scientific advancements for your health, entertainment, convenience, and comfort. While many modern inventions make life better, some may have serious negative consequences as well. In this week’s Discussion, you will explore the pros and cons of modern conveniences.

During the week address the following questions:

  1. Take a look at the various technologies that you have in your home (e.g., family or living room). What “common” items would a typical family have today that they could not possibly have had 100 years ago?
  2. Have these technological advancements improved your quality of life? Why or why not?
  3. Discuss the ways technology may negatively impact your life.
  4. People often talk about the modern conveniences provided by technology, but they rarely discuss the long-term effects that these technologies might have on the world. Beyond the individual, explain how technological advancements impact the planet—either good or bad.
  5. Propose a solution to the problems that technology may have caused to the environment and support your answer with a credible source(s) in APA format.

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