SUNY Westchester Community College Earth Science Questions | Cheap Nursing Papers

SUNY Westchester Community College Earth Science Questions

2. Summarize in a paragraph how your life would be different without geologists.

3. a) Describe the components of the biosphere? Describe the components of the atmosphere?

b) Explain how the biosphere and the atmosphere are interrelated? Be sure to explain how processes in the biosphere influence processes in the atmosphere, and how processes in the atmosphere influence processes in the biosphere.

4. Formulate three possible hypotheses with the following characteristics:

1) one that is testable and supported by the majority of current data

2) one that is not testable

3) one that is testable, but not confirmed by the majority of current data

5. Observe the ad below for “No-wrinkles Cream”. Besides the lack of physical evidence and experiments to support the claim, give two other reasons that indicate this ad may be pseudoscience.

“Tired of aged, wrinkly skin? Shave 20 years off of your face with Nowrinkles Cream! Nowrinkles cream works by releasing quantum-chi energy, which tightens the skin and leaves you wrinkle-free! Europeans have been using this cream for centuries and it is our pleasure to be able to bring it to you at last!”

6. Explain if whether or not the following statements are valid scientific hypotheses. Be sure to provide an thorough explanation, don’t just write yes or no.

i) There are ghosts in my house that make creaking noises each night

ii) People who consume diet soda are more likely to gain weight than those who do not

iii) God is responsible for the earthquake in Haiti in 2010

iv) Having a pet cat or a dog increases a person’s life expectancy

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