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Summarize purpose of the article/research study

Annotated Bibliography

Extra Credit Assignment Worth: 10 points

This is a 2-part assignment due Monday, August 12th, at 11:59pm. To receive full credit, students are to do the following:

Select 2 scholarly practice based articles related to any nursing theory of your choice that have been published within the past 10 years, 2009 until current. Do not select a non-practice based article. Then analyze the articles, be sure to address the following for each selected article:  

PART 1: Complete for each of the selected articles  

Summarize purpose of the article/research study                          

Description of theoretical concepts identified in article                   

Description of how are concepts measured in article                    

Describe implications of findings in support of the theory             

PART 2: Complete this part only once, after addressing the above questions for both articles separately. 

Write a 1 paragraph description (minimum 300 words) analyzing how the selected theory can be used in advanced nursing practice. Be specific, including what outcomes (for patient as well as the nurse practitioner) you might expect. 

In total, this assignment is to be approximately 3-4 pages in length including the title page, no reference page is needed as students are to use the article name and authors as a heading before summarizing both articles.

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