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Sugar Man Program

Sugar Man Program

This is а grоuр аssеssmеnt.
part 1
I have been tasked with writing 200 words about how someone can get involved in the sugar man program. This is a poster format and the target audience is both patients with diabetes and their families but also nurses possibly wanting to get involved.
part 2
The next section is approximately 300 words on “Practical Implications of the research for nursing practice to improve patient outcomes
If implemented, what things out of the research articles would improve patient outcomes? Give description of strategies (outlined in articles) that would improve patient outcomes. How would these help?” I will upload the article.

Sugar man program

Sugar man program aim is to minimize barriers when sensitizing adults and children from aboriginal and Torres Strait islander on prevention and management of diabetes. It is an interactive model assuming the form of a body structure presented on a piece of canvas.

Participants in the program perform tasks that aid in learning about glucose metabolism as well as diabetes management. It creates an opportunity to develop fun activities which helps to explain the action of the insulin and diabetic effects on the body. For example in a soccer activity where the ball represents sugar, soccer goal as the muscle and an individual as the insulin key. The objective of the game is to kick the ball to the goal meaning the sugar into the muscle (Jack Martin, ‎Jeff Sugarman, ‎Kathleen L. Slaney – 2015).-…………. (2500 words total)

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