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Steps that will be taken to ensure a successful transition to the EHR

Negotiating to persuade the physicians

You are the Director of a Health Information Management department, and your hospital will soon be implementing an EHR. The doctors in your hospital are concerned about using a new EHR. They are afraid that it will take away from their ability to care for their patients and that it will cause extra work for them. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has approached you because you are on the EHR implementation and design team. You are asked to negotiate and persuade the physicians – to on-board them with the upcoming transition to an Electronic Health Record. To do this, you will create a presentation for the Medical Staff Meeting and it will include:

1. Specifics on how the EHR will benefit them. These will be used to negotiate with them in an open forum at the meeting. The CMO provides some physician issues:

· They have fears about their typing skills.

· They want to use their own order sets – not pre-set orders.

· They fear that the system won’t be secure.

· They like to review the old paper records to see the patient’s treatment history.

· Some of them use an EHR at a nearby facility and don’t want to learn a different system.

2. Steps that will be taken to ensure a successful transition to the EHR. Create a persuasive presentation for the doctors, sharing at least four benefits the doctors will realize from a new EHR, and recording at least two ideas that can be negotiated during implementation to meet their personal preferences and ensure a successful transition. Your presentation should be 2 pages long.

Not only will you see the EHR implemented in hospital settings, you will also see them in ambulatory or outpatient settings. You probably already knew this as outpatient visits are utilized the most. Most of the facilities I have visited over the past couple of years have had the providers documenting in the EHR while discussing healthcare and then offering me utilization of their online patient portal (I love this!). Be sure to get familiar with how outpatient settings utilize EHR systems.

Also this week put on your thinking caps and let’s figure out how we can convince some physicians of the benefits of the EHR system. In the assignment, “Negotiating to Persuade Physicians,” create a presentation that will help on-board physicians with an EHR implementation.


Student gives 4 benefits of a new EHR

Student gives 2 ways to ensure successful transition (i.e., physician participation in selection of vendor and/or build, thorough testing, physician training in EHR, training in computers, documented instructions)

Correct spelling, grammar

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