standards mainly used to exchange the data between healthcare service providers ( | Cheap Nursing Papers

standards mainly used to exchange the data between healthcare service providers (

study, propose, analyze and build a framework for Electronic Data Interchange Language/grammar that can process the data without human intervention for a new domain like education, human recourse management and enterprises etc. other than medical domain where there exists a language (HL7) already. However, you may take it as a reference framework.

Existing example

Data transmission between two or more computers in such a way that they can process it without human intervention, requires defining proper standards and protocols. HTTP, TCP/IP, etc. are examples of such protocols, but they deal in more generic communication channels. While sending domain-specific data requires definition of more specific standards. HL7(Health Level Seven) is one of the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standards mainly used to exchange the data between healthcare service providers (Billing Companies, Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc.) and laboratories/ pharmacies to send and receive patient’s medical record (PMR).

Research Assignment

There are many environments in the real life that are dealing with electronic data exchange without having a proper mechanism like educational, human resource management and many others. Proposing and developing a standard akin to HL7 would great help in reduction of human efforts as well as data analytics.


  • Based on this background, you are required to:
  • Identify an environment where there is potential work in EDI including the stakeholders of the data (users).
  • Propose a framework for EDI in that environment.
  • Identify at least 35 fields about which data is being exchanged.
  • Identify the ERD for the fields and database tables where data will eventually be stored.


  • Build a language/grammar like HL7 for effective EDI among various stakeholders.

o Parser

o Tokenizer

o Rule tables

o Import/Export mechanism

  • Build message structure that must include the field information like:

o Headers

o Delimiters

o Subfields and their identification

o Information representation format (ASCII etc)


Implementation of the above proposal in terms of:

  • Flowcharts/DFDs


This step involves the comparison (tabular/graphical) of the work with existing HL7 standard, in terms of:

  • Data types/Entities
  • Data integration
  • Import/Export
  • Complexity
  • Compilation
  • Usability/reusability
  • Standard matching

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