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Stages of sleep are easily distinguished by?

Question  (1 point)

Which of the following is NOT true about amnesia?
Question options:
a) It is always caused by brain damage.

b) It may involve an inability to form new memories.

c) It may involve an inability to retrieve old memories.

d) Amnesic patients typically recover within a few days.

Question  (1 point)

Stages of sleep are easily distinguished by
Question  options:
a) changes in respiration

b) the quality and quantity of dreams

c) chcanges in the electrical activity of the brain

d) changes in consciousness

Question  (1 point)

The smallest meaningful unit of speech is the
Question options:
a) reflex

b) grapheme

c) phoneme

d) morpheme

Question  (1 point)

Study of the function of the living human brain is difficult for all the following reasons, EXCEPT
Question  options:
a) it is unethical to induce brain damage in humans for the purpose of research

b) brain damage is rarely the same from case to case

c) a damaged brain gives us little information about brain structure and function in the living brain

d) it is difficult to obtain the brain of a person who has suffered brain damage

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