SOCW6002 Florida State University Preparing for Advanced Directives | Cheap Nursing Papers

SOCW6002 Florida State University Preparing for Advanced Directives

In apa format write a 5 page paper to address the following:

  • Reflect on the experience completing an Advanced Directive. Consider:
    • What was it like thinking and talking about the “what if’s,” “when’s,” and “why’s”?
    • How did you feel when thinking about and talking with your loved one about the choices you would make in different medical scenarios?
    • How willing were others to talk with you about your wishes and choices you made in the Advanced Directive?
  • Explain any insights you gained from this activity that might help you as a social worker.
  • Describe specific skills you would use to 1) talk to clients about Advanced Directives, 2) assist clients in completing an Advanced Directive, and 3) help families to apply an Advanced Directive.
  • Explain one ethical issue (e.g., medical, social, or public health) that is relevant to a medical Advanced Directive.
  • Explain two sides of the ethical issue.
  • Describe the course of action you might take to address the ethical issue as the medical social worker responsible for this patient, explaining the specific benefits your decision might provide to the patient and the family.

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