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SMALLPOX. Presentation.

The intention of this project is to allow students to explore a medical topic of disease and laboratory diagnosis while providing an opportunity to earn class points toward their overall semester grade. All projects are to be presented in the form of a power point presentation to the class via the “Discussion Board”. The presentation must, at a minimum, be 20 slides but may be longer. The presentation must include the citation of sources in standard format.

the topic is SMALLPOX

Items that must be covered:

  1. What is the disease?
  2. How is the disease contracted?
  3. When was it first discovered or diagnosed?
  4. How is it diagnosed, symptoms, lab tests used, etc
  5. What were the early forms of treatment, how were they administered and were they successful?
  6. What is the current modern methods of treatment? Medicines used?
  7. What is the patient prognosis? What is the fatality rate?
  8. What age group is most vulnerable to the disease?
  9. What is the probability of contracting the disease in the US? In other parts of the world? Where is the rate of acquiring it the highest?

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