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Should there be a limit to soda size in public venues?

Answer in about 300 words

Make sure to read my other threads for this discussion which deal with Diabetes, even if not participating in the discussion. Continual intake of excess sugars may precipitate an inability of the body to control blood sugar ultimately is leading to insulin resistance and Diabetes Type 2. Also, be sure to have viewed the background information for this chapter:

View the following:

The Real Bears (………

Background for this discussion:

In 2012, then Mayor Bloomberg (no longer mayor), began a campaign to ban large sized sweetened bottled drinks and fountain beverages sold at New York City’s public venues, such as restaurants, delis, movie theaters, sports venues and street carts. In short, the Mayor’s office issued a decree stating anything over 16 ounces would be banned from these types of places, though not from grocery stores.

As we learned, one 12 ounce can of Pepsi, for example, has 10 and a half teaspoons of sugar. Mountain Dew has even more in the 12 ounce can. So, a 16 ounce size already has 14 – 20 teaspoons. The supersize 32 ounces has 28 – 40 teaspoons, and there are even sizes greater than 32 ounces! There is nothing in a sugared drink other than water, sugar and carbonation (no other nutrients). Basically, just the empty calories of added sugars for which people are recommended to have anywhere from 3 to 12 teaspoons a day of added sugar in their daily diet. One year later, the ban was defeated and large sugary sodas were once allowed to be sold at movies and other public venues.

After two years, a final ruling by the Courts ruled this was unconstitutional and the ban was lifted re-affirming one’s right to purchase whichever size available. Mayor Bill De Blasio, who succeeded Bloomberg, also was disappointed, since NYC has a tremendous debt, partly due to the burden on the city hospitals from complications of DT2.

A synopsis article of the NYC ban:…

Studies on health implications from sugar:……

While the American Beverage Association disagrees and states sugar is not causing the trend of obesity in the nation, the evidence is strong and mounting indicating sugared drinks contribute more weight than from other foods. Large doses of sugar may therefore undermine the body’s ability to regulate its weight. This seems to add to the evidence concerning sugar as a major contributing factor to many health issues, including an individual’s resistance to insulin over time, leading to Type 2 diabetes.…

Armed with this information and from information you have learned from the text (Ch 4), choose one the of following to discuss or highlight any information you learned/came across and its implications.

What do you think about what the NYC ban on sugary-drinks (sodas) attempted to do and how do you feel about the historical result the ban did not last?

Highlight any content you found of interest in any of the video clips and/or articles above.

Whether or not you oppose the ban on drinks in NYC, would you be someone who might purchase two 16 ounce sized drinks for a movie, for example? (Remember, the amount in grams of sugar you see on a label can be divided by 4 to determine the number of teaspoons in a serving of that beverage/product).

Do you think a ban such as this shed awareness as to the amount of sugar in soda and should other cities attempt to ban soda-size too?

Do you think people in 2018, people in the U.S. have become more aware about the dangers of too much added sugar in the diet? Support your answer with recent peer reviewed journal articles and/or information from reliable Internet sources.

Include reliable Internet sources or articles of interest which support your decision or point of view for any points of view/perspective discussed.

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