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Should Asians People Eat Dog Meat

Should Asians People Eat Dog Meat
Formal Assignment 1 (Literature Review)
A literature review (part of the introduction to an ethnography) should do a number of things. Ultimately, it is a review of current literature in the field in relation to your topic of study. However, it needs to do more than simply summarize sources (i.e. it is not simply an annotated bibliography).
For example, it should:
(1) Give readers workable theories and an understanding of the issue;
(2) Move beyond description and reporting;
(3) Explains the research questions that still need to be answered;
(4) Synthesize to focus on ideas rather than sources;
(5) Use in-text citations but minimal direct quotes (i.e. you should have 6 print sources in this section but should be paraphrasing predominately). Also, limit direct quoting to only 2-3 times and make sure not to include major block quoting in this section.
(6) Avoid using first person until you include the hypothesis section (this is technically a review of other researchers’ work and does not become your own study until the hypothesis).
(7) Your final paragraph needs to set up a shift to your hypothesis by including questions that have been left unanswered by other studies. This explains to the reader the gap that is occurring in other research and why it is important to continue the research.
Please keep in mind that you will not always find an exact source match for the literature review (i.e. if you are writing about “Pet Hoarders” as a subculture you might find a source that discusses the psychology of hoarding that can be applied to “pet hoarders” but may not mention specifically the act of hoarding pets). This is okay as long as you can tie the source to the broader discussion.
For reference of strong literature reviews please look in the “student example” folder under “files” in Canvas.
Should Asians People Eat Dog Meat
Recently, Asians eat dog meat that is not a strange event. Eating dog meat is just like eating other meat for Asians. However, Eating dog meat or not is a complex topic. The problem of eating dog meat was happened for a long time. As the article, Dog Meat Politics in a Vietnamese Town, the writer Nir1 Avieli States, “In 1999 there were only two semi-clandestine dog-meat restaurants in Hoi An, a town in Central Vietnam. In 2004 there were dozens, serving mostly men of the new middle class”(Nirl, 2011, p. 59). The writer addresses how the eating dog meat becomes popular in Vietnam. In addition, the article, Dogs and British Colonialism: The Contested Ban on Eating Dogs in Colonial Hong Kong, Shuk-Wah Poon writes during 1950, British colonialism built an ordinance to prevent people eating dog meat in the restaurant (Poon, 2004, p. 308). According to these two histories to show eating dog meat is a subculture in Asian. During this time, a lot of dog-lovers think people should not eat dog meat. Conclusion, there are four points to show eating dog meat is not a positive event; for example, eating dogs are easy to happen rabies events, dogs are not like other animals they are pets live around people, dogs have their animal rights and dogs help people a lot as service dogs.
Firstly, people should not eat dog because it easy to get rabies. Dogs that restaurants using do not have a legal way to test the dogs are health or not. There are not like beef, pork and chicken have a complete system to show if those dogs come from formal approaches. People petitioned the government that dog-eating was conducive to the spread of rabies in 1949 in Hong Kong (Poon, 2004, p. 308). Shuk-Wah Poon states people think eating dogs cause rabies in 1949. People should not eat dogs because rabies is easy to cause people die. Dog-eating has the negative influence in people lives. Even though, Asian thought eating dog meat would cause they fell warm and strong. People are easy to get rabies. People should put the live at first, and then focus on the other parts.
Secondly, dogs are people’s friends; dogs are not like other animals. Dogs are pets to live around people lives. When people come back to home, dogs will very excited to welcome their owners. Poon also addresses dog-loving think dogs as pets, which thus should not be eaten during 1949 to 1950 (Poon, 2004, p. 308). The relationship of dogs and humans is friendship. People should not Dogs can accompany with people when people feel lonely, sad or board. How could people eat their friends? When people feel sad, dogs can listen to people to talk about people secrets they may not want to talk to others because dogs would not tell any others. People should know dogs are the most loyal friends around the world.
Thirdly, eating dogs is not a positive activity because dogs have own “animal rights”. In 1991, the Korean Animal Protection Society (KRS) was build with purpose helping injured animals. The KRS also advocated the 1991 Animal Protection Act and include anti-dog-eating. In 2002, people founded CARE (Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth), the main purpose of CARE is “dedicated to solve animal related issues in Korea such as lost animals, animal cruelty and dog-meat”. Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA, originally named ‘‘Arumpoom’’) was founded in 2002. Finaly, the legislature agreed the 2007 Animal Protection Act Amendments (Oh & Jackson, 2011, p. 42). During the long time, the legislature finally agreed with the A
Fourthly, dogs help people more than other animals. Some of people think dogs like other animals; however, only dogs can help people to guide. The article lists “Today, more than a third of the current applicants to Guiding Eyes’ Special Needs Program have deaf-blindness” (Martine, Meteyer, Purcell, & Zubrycki, 2012, p. 38). Thus, there is a huge amount number of people need service dogs. People should not eat dogs because people need them to help people.
Finally, some of people who eat dog meat think dog meat is the same as other meat. If people thought eating dog meat is negative event, eating any animals were negative event. However cows and pigs cannot help people do anything. For example, people can live with dogs in the any places; and also dogs can help some old people or Deaf and dumb. Cows and pigs cannot do these activities. In conclusion, people should not eat dog meat.

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