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several in one

Read Ch. 1 of Information Technology for the Health Professions (your input 90 words)…


Read Ch. 4 of Health Information Technology and Management (your input 90 words)…


Read the article “Groups Push Physicians and Patients to Embrace Electronic Health Records” (your input 90 words)…


Read the article “Electronic Health Records Place 1st at Indy 500” on the NIH Medline Plus website.(your input 90 words)…


Explore the Benefits of Electronic Health Records section under the Providers and Professionals section in the website.

Discuss your thoughts (your input 90 words)…


Watch the video “Sharing Patient Databases Among Health Care Providers”

Discuss your thoughts(your input 90 words)…


Watch the video “Value of Electronic Records” (your input 90 words)

Discuss your thoughts with the class.…


What are the strengths and weaknesses of keeping paper health records?( 90 words)


Complete the Information Systems worksheet. (attached)


Complete the Database Records and Relational Data worksheet.(attached)

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