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Safety management (Job Safety)

part 1 :

Job Safety Analysis

Now that you have read the course material on jab safety analysis, you will create a JSA of your own based on a job (not a hazard) from a current or recent place of employment. At the top, label your sheet, “Job Safety Analysis for [name of job].” In one column on the left (A), write each step of the job from start to finish and number the job steps 1 – n. In the next column (B), list the hazards, if any, associated with each job step in column A. In Column C, list remedial measures including action needed, training, or PPE required to address and reduce the frequency/likelihood of the hazard. In Column D, which should be titled special considerations, note circumstances to note such as “infrequent task” or “special PPE needed” or “Refresher training necessary.”

part 2 :

Write a post describing one hazard at your current or recent place of employment (industry, manufacturing, construction all are ok ) created with multiple employers working in the same place at the same time. Then, respond to two of your classmates by listing at least three ways your employer might be liable under the MEWP. If you have not had personal experience with this type of hazard, you may write about a fictitious employer.

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