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Rutgers University Chemistry Lab Conversion Equation

Sometimes you will be asked to calculate a number but you’re not quite sure how to get there. Units can often help narrow down the information you may need. Use the information provided to perform the conversion:

8.1 (torr∙mmol O2)/(L∙g Os) = ___ (atm∙g O2)/(mL∙mol Os)

MW Oxygen = 16.00 g/mol
MW Osmium = 190.23 g/mol
1 torr = 1 mmHg
760 torr = 1 atm
1000 mmol = 1 mol
10dL = 1L

I’ve been stuck on this question for a while for a Chemistry lab, The website is called Chem21Labs. Can you tell the answer to this conversion? Thanks!

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