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Risk Assessment and Decision Making Case Study- Aviation


This is a 2 page paper for an “Human Factors in Aviation Safety” Class.

Please, pick an aviation accident that happened because of a human error.

Write a module case study of an aviation accident in regard to risk assessment and aeronautical decision making concepts:

Go to the NTSB Web site (Links to an external site.) and select one aviation accident report that particularly interests you. Review the Factual Information chapter (do not review the Analysis, Conclusions, or Recommendations chapters) of the Full Report (not the Summary). Then analyze and evaluate the circumstances of the accident by creatively applying the concepts of risk assessment and aeronautical decision making to determine how the crew did and/or did not properly apply those concepts to the flight operation prior to and/or during the event. Assess how they could have better applied those concepts to change the outcome of the accident. As always, support your work with a reliable source(s).

A Module Case Study is a critical analysis and evaluation of a specific case or subject. For this course a Module Case Study must:

  • Be two pages in length, double-spaced.
  • Consist of a title (accurately reflective of the topic), an introductory paragraph, one to three body paragraphs, and a summary paragraph.
  • Include information obtained from primary or secondary sources beyond those listed in the Module.
  • Include proper APA (current edition) citations and references (with the references listed on a separate last page).

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