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response to discussion below


Using credit cards and debt cards releases some of the obstacles around having the ability to pay individual bills. Having the ability to pickup the phone and call to pay bills or go online to the organizations website to pay a bill is convenient. With this convenient method of personal transactions comes rules and guidelines to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII). These rule and guidelines protect the consumers and the organization by standardizing the PCI-DSS protection requirements. Failure to meet PCI-DSS requirements may result in fines or termination of credit card processing privileges (Rouse, 2012).

The Security Standard Council breaks down the requirements in to categories and consists of common sense steps that mirror security best practices (Security Standard Council, 2010). To protect cardholders data Red Clay must make secure to build and maintain a secure network with updated firewall protection. Red Clay must maintain a vulnerability management program to ensure anti-virus software is up to date and to ensure system and applications are maintained. Restricting access to cardholder information while implementing strong access controls measures helps guard PII internally and its a requirement in PCI-DSS protection.

With the implementation of the required protection guidelines Red Clay can expect the protection of cardholders data like personal account numbers (PAN), cardholders names, cardholder security codes and cardholders expiration dates. Sensitive authentication data that will be protected is the full magnetic strip data and pin blocks. Will the implementation of these requirement be enough to protect PII? The short answer is yes, PCI- DSS requirements are enough to protect cardholder data if the organization leverage proven technologies and processes to effectively ensure standards are met (Carroll, 2016).


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