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Respond back to post

Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions. 125 words each post

1. In any cases of health care facility design, an actual organized and detailed purpose of the design. Everything must have the proper logistics such as its targeted population and as well as the different resources needed to begin and finish a project. In health care facility design, it is vital to have a well and strategic plan of action, this is where project management comes into play. According to Serino, project management in health care is distinct because it takes complexity and risk to a whole new level. The reasons being are that it such a high stakes – such as if a project goes over budget or a longer period of time, patient’s well-being is at risk. Also, all the regulatory policies that an organization must follow are also taken into consideration which lies upon the project management agency or group. Another responsibility are rising costs, project management have to consider the costs – in the project design, they have to consider a way “deliver economical, high-quality services” (Serino, n.d.); ensuring not only the design is effective for its purpose but it also adheres to the pay off when things are functioning. In health care, there are heavy regulations that need to be addressed – project management not only must follow these regulations, but it is a responsibility that is considered endless because, it keeps on going. Regulations and policies change overtime, therefore, continuing to be learning, understand and update is constant.


2.When applying project management techniques to the costs of providing a service of healthcare management and figuring out what the aspects are that is of concern. Number one is to deliver the right output of care into your patient care at the right time as much as possible to every patient. Anyone that is apart of a project management team has to be ready to grasp any problems that are faced within the hospital or even a facility. So this would involve having a process through human resources management, great communication skills with stakeholders, your marketing team, all accounts, and finance should be in order as far as your organization. Another important impact is the concern in which level of care that is being provided and the quality of care to all patient as well as there outcomes and lab values. There are other things to be considered as well but however, the most important is “Quality control is a major part of our role as project managers and we consider all opportunities for efficiency from the project’s inception. This includes ensuring that the architectural and engineering designs are aligned to the budgetary and functional goals of the project. Projects, such as the new, government-funded perinatal center at Klinikum Mönchengladbach in Germany demonstrate the value of working closely with the whole project team to maintain the required quality standards. Our cost-efficient and sustainable solutions combined with stringent cost-management measures resulted in a much-needed clinic for preterm infants and their mothers, delivered on time and budget.” (Rick Rome, unknown year)

Rick Rome, unknown year. WSP Healthcare Sectors. retrieved from

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