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reply to discussion post below


Intelligence gathering is a tool used by companies all across the world and it is done in many different ways. “Gathering intel is critical step in a successful competitive intelligence process.” For a company to be successful they have to be in-tune with what is going on in the world. Identifying what the competition is doing and how to set themselves apart from them. One of the most important key factors to competitive intelligence is learning from the successes and failures of those that around (Crispo, 2015). The overall significance stems from being able to adapt and grow with the intelligence that is gathered. Taking pieces of both the good and bad from others and expanding on them to remain competitive with others.

One of the first activities used in discovering valid usernames is user enumeration. This is a tool used by pen testers in a Unix environment. There are other options that can be used i am sure, but from my prior knowledge, I am only familiar with the one. I have never actually performed any sort of pen testing but I have read about it and seen it be done in a classroom environment. My instructor called it White-Hat pen testing.

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