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Regis College Week 6 Child Called It and Mental Instability Paper

I need to have the attached paper re-written and paraphrased with some new references. The instructions for the paper are below.

When you are a psychiatric mental health provider you may encounter horrific encounters of many varieties. There is no real way to prepare for these. However, beginning to explore your understanding of abuse, your needs (if and when you encounter abuse), as well as how to create a self-care plan to avoid caregiver burnout is essential.

After you complete the readings and watch the video, write a paper addressing the following prompts:

  • Discuss child abuse. What is the definition of abuse? Are there different types of abuse? How many types of abuse did Dave suffer?
  • Discuss mental instability. Why do you think Dave’s mother abused him? Do you think there is an excuse for what she did? Why do you think Dave’s mother abused only him and not his siblings?
  • Discuss abandonment. Why do you think Dave’s father behaved as he did? Should he have done something? Was his father’s inaction worse than the abuse the mother perpetrated? Why did the father leave the family? Should he have stayed? Should he have taken Dave with him? Would Dave have been better off with his father?
  • Discuss survival and resiliency theory. Do you think Dave should have given up hope after all those years of abuse? Why do you think Dave continued to fight? What is the significance of Dave saying the Lord’s Prayer?

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