Receptors for the sense of touch include? | Cheap Nursing Papers

Receptors for the sense of touch include?

Question  (1 point)

Tameness, hyperorality, and damage to the amygdala are common features of
Question options:
a) Klüver-Bucy syndrome

b) fight-or-flight syndrome

c) fetal alcohol syndrome

d) REM sleep

Question (1 point)

Receptors for the sense of touch include
Question  options:
a) hair cells

b) bipolar neurons

c) stretch receptors

d) Meissner corpuscles

Question  (1 point)

The increasing permanence of a memory is referred to as
Question  options:
a) tolerance

b) consolidation

c) encoding

d) law of mass action

Question  (1 point)

What is considered an analogue of schizophrenia?
Question  options:
a) bipolar depression

b) amphetamine psychosis

c) Alzheimer’s disease

d) Drug addiction

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