Read the article above entitle(article in the attached file below), “Young Kids, Old Bodies.” | Cheap Nursing Papers

Read the article above entitle(article in the attached file below), “Young Kids, Old Bodies.”

Read the article above entitle(article in the attached file below), “Young Kids, Old Bodies.” After viewing each question, go back into the article and isolate the questions and reread the article looking for answers to the specific questions.
Write a 65 word minimum essay to each question. Each essay should be approximately 250 words. A minimum word response (65 words) on each question is usually correlated with no better grade than a “C.” Use standard written English in your response to each question.
Consult your textbook, internet sites and other reference materials to correctly answer each question. Look up any term you do not understand utilizing a dictionary or your textbook.
Each question is worth 8 points and the grammar/syntax section is worth 8 points. Maximum points = 40.
Apply critical thinking skills through inquiry by reading with a purpose to identify three physiological results that correlate with the premature aging process associated with obese children’s bodies. (Critical Thinking and Reading).
Use communication skills to reflect the successful identification of three programs and one distinct strategy used by each program to address obesity in children. In your opinion, based on your lifespan knowledge taken from this class, which program appears to be the most comprehensive as evidenced by its taking the biological, social, psychological, and cognitive influences into consideration in its strategy and why is it the most comprehensive. (Communication Skills)
Apply critical thinking and communication skills to draw three conclusions from the visual data presented in the article and use the conclusions drawn to make inferences about future projections based on the data. (Visual Communication and Empirical Quantitative Skills).
According to the article, obesity has reached epidemic proportions among children. What responsibilities should parents have if they know their children are obese? What measures should parents take to protect their children from becoming obese? Does the government have an obligation to protect children from foods, chemicals, and ingredients that are known to be correlated with obesity? Support your position coherently and reasonably. 
Grammar/Syntax Evaluation of Student Writing. Grammar will be evaluated based on the following areas: Subject/Verb agreement; appropriate verb tense; fragments (subject or verb missing from sentence); run-on sentences (two sentences joined together incorrectly without a comma and/or a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS)); comma splice (two sentences joined together incorrectly with only a comma); Syntax is defined as the creation of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language.

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